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str5poster MISS PERSIA

New Musical Comedy

This delightful, toe-tapping new musical comedy by Eyal Bitton is a cross between Aladdin and My Fair Lady. It's a Disney-like telling of the classic Bible story of Queen Esther, one of the greatest heroines in history.

Hadassah lives in an unfair world where men are at the top and women are at the bottom and where Persians are at the top and Jews are at the bottom. But she's a dreamer who thinks the world can change.

So she takes on a new identity, Esther, and wins the Miss Persia beauty pageant, and becomes Queen of Persia!

But when the evil Royal Advisor, Haman, concocts a nefarious plan against her people, Hadassah/Esther must decide whether or not to speak up. If anyone finds out her secret identity, she risks losing everything - maybe even her life...

It's a classic tale of heroism, self-sacrifice, and the battle for equality filled with great songs comparable to any Broadway musical.

The world premiere of Miss Persia took place on March 16, 2008, in Toronto.

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